Ragdoll Sales Contract


 CFA, TICA, Registered Cattery



Description of Kitten

Kittens Name:__________________  Sex:_____ Color/Pattern: __________________ DOB:________

Kittens Name:__________________  Sex:_____ Color/Pattern: __________________ DOB:________

This cat or kitten is purchased for: Pet/Neutered:_____ Show/Neutered:______ Breeder:_____

For the amount of: $__________ Shipping Cost if applicable: $________

Deposit amount: $_______ Method: ________. Date Received.__________



        Kittens are placed in order of Deposits received. A signed sales contract must also accompany the deposit to finalize the transaction. Intent to place a deposit does not qualify as a received deposit and no kitten will be held whether implied or verbally stated without a deposit and a signed sales contract.

        Deposits are non refundable if the Buyer changes their mind for any reason, and/or become unable to purchase the kitten, and/or neglect to complete a signed sales contract.

        The purpose of the deposit is to insure the Purchasers intent to purchase the Cat described in this agreement.

        The above Cat will be held for the Purchaser and not be sold to any other buyer regardless through 12 weeks of age. A breech of contract, either verbal, written, or through neglect or avoidance to communicate, on Purchasers part can jeopardize the chance of placing the Cat in a new home quickly as possible. For this reason the deposit is NOT refundable, and may be placed to a new Buyer after 12 weeks of age if not paid in full or made payment arrangements.


1) Pet Quality Deposits of $250 and a signed Kitten contract are required to hold a particular kitten.

2) Show/Breeder Deposits of $500 and a signed Kitten contract are required to hold a show/breeder quality kitten.

3) Retired breeders if purchased for less than $250, full payment is required to hold the Cat.


        No Cat or kitten will be held, whether implied or stated without a deposit and a signed sales contract. For Purchasers convenience Seller accepts instant payments online.

        The deposit is transferable to another kitten, within 1 year.


Rare Exceptions to Refund policy: At the Sellers discretion, they may refund the total deposit due to such issues as Cats ill health, or if the Cat is sold as pet quality and later determined to be show/breeder quality, the Seller may change mind to keep Cat and refund total deposit to Buyer.




        Deposits may be made by check, money orders, Western Union, or bank Transfer. For final payment Seller does not accept checks.

        For kittens needing shipping, final payment is required at least 1 day prior to placement date. Under no circumstances will the Cat be allowed to be placed without payment in full.




1.      The cat will not be allowed to roam outdoors unattended and without a safe enclosure with protection from the elements. Such enclosure is not to be used as primary housing for the cat.

2.      This cat cannot be sold to a pet store, research laboratory, animal shelter, or any similar facility.

3.      The cat cannot be de-clawed otherwise any and all health guarantees are null and void.

4.      Buyer agrees that the cat will not be given the inoculation for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), or any and all health guarantees in this agreement become null and void.

5.      If for any reason Buyer becomes unwilling or unable to keep the Cat and provide the Cat with proper food, shelter, and medical attention, Buyer agrees to surrender the Cat to Seller, unconditionally, with no reimbursement or refund to Buyer.

6.      If buyer is purchasing the Cat as a show quality cat. Buyer may show the Cat in shows; however, the Seller makes no representations or guarantees.




  1. All vaccinations must be up-to-date throughout the 3 year period.
  2. Kittens must remain on current brand food: _________________________ Or any changes must be approved in writing.
  3. Kittens must remain on NuVet Plus for Felines Vitamins throughout the 3 year period for the Health Guarantee to be remain valid. To order NuVet Plus Call: 800-474-7044, or order online at www.nuvet.com. Use order code 2570782 and sign up for automatic payments. When possible, buyer must order their Nuvet Plus 1 to 2 weeks prior to payment days for uninterrupted feedings, or immediately after placement day. If Nuvet Plus is not ordered within 3 days of placement, then the 3 year health contract will be void.




Health Guarantee Guidelines

  • NOTE: Buyer is aware they are purchasing a live animal and accept responsibility of any and all medical treatment and care associated with this animal after release date.
  • If Buyer chooses, they have seventy-two (72) hours in which at sole expense to have the cat examined by a licensed veterinarian. If veterinarian certifies to Seller within twenty-four (24) hours of such examination that the examination reveals any life threaten illness of the Cat, Seller shall, upon receipt of the Cat, in the same condition to the Seller, provide a full refund. Under no condition shall Seller be responsible for payment of any medical treatment provided to the Cat by the Buyer, or transportation costs.
  • If at any time within three (3) years of date of birth the Cat dies due to heredity or congenital defects, the Seller will replace the Cat with the first acceptable replacement cat. All transportation costs are responsibility of Buyer.
  • If the Cat is older than two (2) years of age prior to placement, and the cat dies  within one (1) year of date of purchase due to heredity or congenital defect, the Seller will reimburse the cost of the Cat, or a kitten may be purchased at off pet price. All transportation costs are responsibility of Buyer.
  • The Seller will replace the deceased cat once the Buyer provides proof of defect in the form of a complete post-mortem exam, OR vet records indicating diagnoses from at least two examinations from different Vets prior to death. However, FIP can only be determined from a post mortem exam, and clinical diagnoses not acceptable. Please send all vet record from placement date.
  • The Cat will be replaced with the next available acceptable kitten if seller is still breeding. Buyer accepts possibility that the Seller may retire from breeding of such cats at anytime, and will no longer maintain an interest in the Cat.
  • No monetary value will be refunded at any time. Buyer assumes all risk involved with buying a living pet.




        Vaccinations:  Typically the Cat will have received two sets of vaccinations. (Fel-o-Vax PCT) One at 8 or 9 weeks and a second round around 12 weeks of age. A third round if given, should be given three weeks after placement date, or otherwise verbally stated. The Cat should then receive a booster at 1 year and 3 years of age. Any changes in this will be stated on the Vaccination record.

        Rabies shots will only be given to the Cat when required by the law.

        Cat may or may not have received de-worming. Additional de-worming may be needed.

        Pet quality kittens will be neutered prior to placement. NO EXCEPTIONS.

        Breeder or show quality kittens will receive within 6 months of age TICA or CFA registration papers with breeding rights.



The following is only applicable if the cat has been purchased unaltered with Breeding papers:

  1. Buyer agrees not to breed this cat before one (1) year of age, unless mutually agreed upon between the Buyer and Seller, for the well-being of the Cat.
  2. If after 2 years of age for females, or 2 years of age for males, the Cat has not produced at least one kitten due to being sterile, the Seller will replace the Cat with a second breeding cat or refund purchase price at Sellers discretion, assuming Buyer can provide proof of diagnoses.
  3. Buyer agrees that any kittens produced by this Cat and placed sold as pets will be placed or sold spayed or neutered.
  4. Buyer agrees to keep the Cat in a sanitary, protected environment, only being caged when necessary, such as birthing, heat cycles, illness, or, as is often necessary, for an unaltered breeding male behavior.
  5. If purchasing a male cat, at no times will the cat be allowed to be used as a Stud. This policy promotes contagious diseases among catteries, and is highly unpopular with Ragdoll breeders today.
  6. If purchasing a female cat, the cat should be retired from breeder prior to its sixth (6) year of age, or less. If purchasing a male cat, the cat should be retired from breeding prior to its eighth (8) year of age, or less. Upon retirement, the cat should be spayed or neutered, and be placed to a responsibly screened pet home.



  • Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with shipping and any cost associated with delay with plane due to weather or mechanical failure resulting in kenneling.
  • Full payment of the kitten price and shipping cost is required prior to boarding of plane.
  • Shipping is standard through Continental Airlines PetPass programs. Specific questions can be answered by calling them at: 1-800-575-3335. Any additional airlines, all costs are the responsibility of the Buyer.
  • Airline cost are nonrefundable, and if at any time, the Cat is returned to Seller, or an additional Cat is used for replacement in accordance to Heath Policy, Buyer will be responsible for all additional shipping costs.


Please be a responsible pet owner and most of all enjoy, Ragdolls live 15+ years.



I accept this contract and agree to abide by the terms thereof:



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