SHIPPING:Updated 2/2/2012

We have Placed our Ragdoll Kittens in almost every US State including Alaska, Canada, Europe, South America, and even with soldiers stationed in Iraq


$200-375 Shipping ( 2015)



Although we do place locally in Texas, Due to the far reaches of the Internet, we ship about half of our kittens throughout the World. We will arrange shipping to a major airport through a Pet Carrier that insures your kittens will arrive safely.  If you are in Texas, or a nearby state, we encourage you to visit.

USA/CANADA SHIPPING: We can arrange to ship your kitten to you with a few days lead time. Although we can ship from our local airport  at a cheaper cost, we prefer to ship our Ragdolls on nonstop flights from Houston, Texas and then to other major airports. Shipping cost will range from $175 and up depending on airport. The cost includes transportation, carrier, cushion, and health certificate.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: All international shipping will be from Houston, Texas. We typically need at least three weeks lead time before shipping. Although we will do as much research for importing to your location and getting the proper paperwork complete, you should have a general idea on what is involved prior to inquiring. We will not ship to locations with a Quarantine.

Our Ragdolls are very laid back and handle shipping with a "Ragdoll cool" attitude. However, they must be at least 11 weeks old before we will ship.

Shipping fees include: Ticket, Pet Carrier, and USA Interstate Health Certificate. If your destination requires us to travel to another airport, your cost will be slightly higher.


Due to Peak Holiday Traffic, reservations must be made well in advance for Christmas kittens as the number of animals is limited per plane.


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